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Project Description
This project includes a MOSS 2007 WebPart for Single Sign On (SSO) to a Blackboard 9 Learning Management System. Existing projects and code samples do not include resources for SharePoint 2007 (MOSS) or C#. The goal of to provide these missing resources.

Current BlackBoard SSO Resources

Currently OSCELOT, Inc ( provides information and sample code for implementing single sign on functionality from a trusted site (i.e. portal) to a Blackboard Learning Managements System. The OSCELOT resources provide examples in PHP, Perl, etc... but not C#. This project includes sample code in C# for implementing the SSO, and also a SharePoint Solution File (.wsp). The SharePoint solution file can be deployed directly into your MOSS 2007 environment for immediate use.

Using this web part assumes you have the BlackBoard Auto SignOn Building Block Installed.

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